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How fast will a money order clear?

How long does a money order take to clear once it is deposited?

There are two answers to your question. First is the question of how long it takes for a money order to reach the paying bank and get paid. That can vary, depending on how far apart the paying bank and the depositary bank are. Without any transportation delays or other unforeseen complications, most money orders should get paid within six business days. Many will be get paid in a shorter time than that.

The more practical question is when you can have access to funds you've deposited to your checking account in the form of a money order. If it's a U.S. Postal Service money order, you should get next-business-day access. Otherwise, funds from money orders payable at banks in the local check processing region should be available on the second business day following the day you deposit the money order; those drawn on more distant banks might take five business days for you to access the funds.

Published on 6/13/07